Accumulate Merit

Whatever merit we accumulate
Through prostrating, making offerings, confessing,
Rejoicing, requesting and praying,
I dedicate to the goal of enlightenment.

How to accumulate merit

Accumulating merit is a very important part of practicing the Dharma. It allows us to open our hearts, to work on the Dhana Paramita, the practice of generosity detached from all expectation and judgement. It provides a sense of goodness and accomplishment. It also balances all our negative behaviors, gossip, actions based on anger, jealousy, greed, pride… all the impurities accumulated from the past and present.

Some ways to accumulate merit:

Protect Animals

Support, and donate non-profit organizations like PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:


Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circuses and zoos. Many of us bought our beloved “pets” at pet shops, had guinea pigs, and kept beautiful birds in cages. We wore wool and silk, ate McDonald’s burgers, and fished. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights?

ARFF – Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and others who educate and voice the horrors human beings do to so many animals, from laboratory testings to the slaughter of countless beings in horrid conditions in mass-production farms. Pray for the countless animals that are born in small cages where they cannot even move, and will only live a life of misery until they are slaughtered and consumed. It is deplorable. Educate people, make an effort to consume less animal products, and become aware.

* Buy CAGE FREE Eggs
* Buy products that are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

Help the homeless, the needy

Giving money, clothing and food to the destitute is important. I always remind myself that they are someone’s child, that no matter what the reason may be, their condition is deplorable and that if it was my child I would hope that someone reaches out and helps them.

Save animals – or at least don’t harm them

Smacking a mosquito or a fruit fly is a typical human reaction, but we should learn not to do this anymore. That thoughtless gesture deprives a being of its precious opportunity to exist. You carelessly take its life, a very precious gift, for no reason at all. Learn to respect all sentient beings, even the smallest insects, as they too have a right to enjoy their short existence on earth.

When you cross a road kill, take the time to see if the animal is injured. Maybe you can actually save it, move it to safety, bring it to the vet, adopt it, or simply chant for it if it is too late. Have compassion for them.

Free animals and insects

Humans treat animals so poorly, with such disregard. Whenever you have the opportunity to rescue an animal from abuse, from cruelty, don’t turn away. It could be a feral cat, a caged rabbit, rats sold to feed snakes, worms sold for fishing… occasionally rescuing animals from the cruelty we inflict upon them is priceless, at least for them. It also feels incredibly rewarding.

Don’t crate your dog

Make your pets part of your family. Caging a dog is an abomination. While many people will insist that it’s perfectly fine to do so, it is an abomination. Dogs are supposed to be your companions, to sleep on the sofa, or at least on a soft cover on the floor. They are supposed to mess up the house a little. Caging them makes them psychotic. They suffer in silence. Imagine caging your own child during the day… It’s horrible to be caged. Its inhuman. It’s shameful to think it acceptable.  I am totally and stubbornly against this disgusting fashion of crating dogs. Open your house to them as a member of your family, not a toy to bring out when you want to.

Be generous

Be generous in everything you do, every thought you have, every action. It’s that simple.

Take responsibility for your actions

Recognize all the actions, thoughts, words that are contrary to the Dharma, unethical, and confess all your faults with the wish that you will never repeat them again.

Let us know what you do to accumulate merit, share your stories and the feelings it gives you below.

Om Mani Padme Hung

2 Replies to “Accumulate Merit”

  1. Speak up for elephants at the Shrine Circus
    The Shrine Circus is coming to Palm Beach Gardens. The Amara Shriners have again hired Circus Hollywood to be their “Shrine Circus.” Last year, Circus Hollywood included high-wire acts, clowns and acrobats. Unfortunately, the circus also featured two elephants and an exotic animal petting zoo. One of the elephants, Cora (pictured in photo below), is over 60 years old. She may be the oldest elephant still traveling and performing in the United States! Constant travel, abusive training and poor veterinary care are common in circuses.
    Protest date and time: Friday, April 3 from 6:00-7:30pm
    Location: 3650 RCA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens

    Can’t make it to a demonstration? You can still help!
    Please contact the Potentate, or chief executive, of the Amara Shriners and urge him to leave elephants and other exotic animals out of next year’s circus. Contact:
    Rick Whaley, Potentate
    Amara Shrine
    Phone: (561) 627-2100
    Sign our petition! “Shriners International: Stop hosting cruel circuses”


  2. The Florida Keys Are a National Treasure, Not a GMO Mosquito Lab
    Call the Keys Tourism Board at 855-969-5216 to Stop the GMO Mosquito Experiment!

    Don’t Let GMO Mosquitoes Ruin the Florida Keys

    Call the Keys Tourism Board at 855-969-5216!

    A local Florida Keys agency is scheduled to approve the release of lab-created genetically engineered (GMO) mosquitoes in the next few weeks, with little knowledge about the health and environmental risks that these mosquitoes could bring. Call the Keys Tourism Board at 855-969-5216 and tell them to preserve the Keys as a national treasure and not as a GMO mosquito lab.

    A biotech company called Oxford Insect Technologies (Oxitec) is hoping to sell its new GMO mosquito technology to the Florida Keys as a means to exterminate mosquitoes. But this plan would only allow more harmful disease-carrying mosquitoes to move into the Florida Keys to fill the void.

    On Tuesday, April 21, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is likely to approve GMO mosquitoes unless the local Tourism Board, one of the most respected and powerful agencies in the area, takes a strong position against this plan, which could ruin the reputation of the Keys as a travel destination.

    Call the Keys Tourism Board today. Here’s how:
    1. Call 855-969-5216.

    2. Tell the Tourism Board:
    “Hello, my name is ____ and I live in ____. I believe the Florida Keys are a national treasure and should not be a GMO mosquito lab. Please do everything you can to ensure that Keys residents and tourists are not part of a GMO mosquito experiment. ”

    3. Reply to this email to let me know what their office had to say, and then forward to your friends and family!

    If the GMO mosquito plan is approved, Oxitec would get taxpayer money to launch their mosquito experiment. But these flying GMOs haven’t been released yet, so we still have a chance to stop them. While the company claims they want to kill mosquitoes carrying dengue fever, zero cases of dengue fever have been reported in the past several years in the area. Sound like a profitable solution looking for a problem?

    Please take one minute to call the Keys Tourism Board at 855-969-5216 and help protect the Florida Keys for residents and tourists alike.

    Thanks for taking action,

    Jorge Aguilar
    Southern Region Director
    Food & Water Watch


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