Is COVID-19 the Result of Bad Karma?

Cause and Effect of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Dharma Talks

Can you explain Karma in relation to what’s going on in the world today with the virus COVID-19, the Coronavirus Pandemic and how, maybe, our actions as human beings may have an effect in how the world is reacting.

Katia’s Buzz Dharma Talk with Lama Karma Chotso from Miami’s Open Awareness Buddhist Center (

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Is COVID-19 the result of Bad Karma? Cause and Effect of The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Katia: Can you explain Karma in relation to what’s going on in the world today with the virus COVID-19 or Coronavirus and how maybe our actions as human beings may have an effect on how the world is reacting?

Lama Karma Chotso: It totally does. Karma is like you go to work , you do your work every day and at the end of the week you get a paycheck. It automatically goes into your bank account. That’s Karma. The word Karma that just means action or a deed, doing a deed. That’s all that word means. But it refers to the fact that there’s always a cause for an action then there’s the action itself and then there’s always a result that comes from having taken that action. So that’s what karma is all about and we’re all experiencing this. Humanity is experiencing this in mass because humanity in mass has not taken care of our planet and karmically that would be the most simplistic way to explain it. If we don’t take care of our environment, our environment cannot sustain us. It’s that simple. So now our environment is not sustaining us, it’s actually making us ill but it has been doing that for a long time. Cancerous things go into our soil, cancerous things go into our water. When the earth itself had places on it that were filled with cancerous chemicals then cancer became a really serious horrible disease for human beings. But look at the cause, look at the action and look at the effect. On the earth we have 7.5 billion people on a planet that we know can only sustain about 3.5 billion people. When we go beyond what our planet can sustain then somehow or other that balancing thing is going to come into play i think. It seems that way to me.


Welcome to Katia’s Buzz Dharma Talks Dharma refers to buddhist teachings. I particularly am fond of Tibetan buddhism. I have studied it with some incredible teachers and masters for the past 30 years of my life and it’s just a very precious lineage, very precious teachings and so occasionally you will see me bring some Lamas and some teachers and some teachings to this channel. If you enjoyed this interview, make sure you subscribe to the channel and press like. My precious Lama in Miami is Lama Karma Chotso from Open Awareness Buddhist Center and the website is

She’s a phenomenal teacher. I highly recommend you connect with her and take some of her teachings. Blessings to you all.

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