Lama’s Wisdom to cope with Coronavirus

(Covid-19) Anxiety, Fear, Anger

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A Buddhist approach to cope with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) anxiety, fear or anger. Welcome to Katia’s BUZZ DHARMA TALKS with Lama Karma Chotso. She provides simple ways to cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic anxiety and fear through faith, meditation, becoming part of the solution instead of being part of the problem, creating a sacred place at home to avoid anger and frustration. She also talks about Gratitude, Compassion, Karma in connection to the world and many other interesting subjects that I hope will be helpful as we buckle up to try to diminish the spread of the virus. Stay safe, stay home, stay peaceful and stay sane. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this conversation. Blessings!

Katia: It’s a really tough time. we’re all in confinement during Covid19 and I know you’re a person of faith and a lot of wisdom and there are a lot of people out there that are anxious, fearful.

Lama Karma Chotso: It’s such a test for all of us and I think one of the things that we need to remind ourselves of is to have faith in ourselves. We need to have faith that we can withstand this, that we can make it through this, that we can keep our sanity, that we can keep our discriminative wisdom going, that we can make intelligent decisions moving forward. It’s difficult right now because so much of that has been taken away from us. There are so many decisions we can’t make for ourselves anymore and there are of course decisions that are made by experts that we really need to comply with. If we don’t, it’s just willful ignorance. There is self-isolation. I’m so lucky because I’ve been meditating for almost 40 years. I spent three and a half years in a meditation retreat and so this is relatively easy for me but I know that for people who don’t have the background or mind to meditate and to be able to have techniques to work with instead of constant involvement in the worries and concerns and anxieties and fear.

Do you have a very simple method a simple practice that you think would help people that are having difficulty with the situation?

Actually, we do have very simple techniques and one of them is to recognize when things are building up in your mind. When emotional things are building, take that opportunity to turn your attention to your breath as soon as you recognize it, at the snap of a finger and turn your attention. It feels very centering and when you get back to the emotion you sort of cut its energy so that it’s not so strong so always having that backup of saying okay I don’t need to thoroughly and totally and completely engage in this which isn’t making me feel good and it’s not making anyone else feel good, I can actually turn my attention to my breath. I can center myself, I can breathe, take a few deep breaths and then I can turn my attention back when I’ve settled a little bit.

What do you recommend people do during this COVID-19 in terms of helping the universe, the energy, the world? Any recommendations for our own self to not create more problems?

First of all, don’t become part of the problem. Becoming part of the problem means taking chances with your own health and taking chances with the health of others. That’s being part of the problem so if you can avoid that, that’s a gigantic first step. Turn your attention from yourself on to others, sustaining gratitude. Gratitude is such a huge step towards having a positive state of mind. If you were thinking in terms of what you don’t have instead of what you are blessed with then that negative attitude can really cause difficulties.

Some people are locked in together with their husbands, wives, children, and that it’s not working out and it turns into anger, hate, screaming, so what do you want to tell these people?

Any meditating for a few minutes every day is always helpful but the one thing that I think might help is to make a sacred space. I think that might really help the situation. We’re seeing some reaction to what’s happening right now with COVID-19 where people instead of being compassionate and caring, loving they’re getting really hateful, angry, obnoxious. They refuse to wear masks, they don’t want to do social distancing, they’re disrespectful and they’re doing everything against trying to make this a better place and trying to have some wisdom and so what do you have to say to them to try to help one another?

I’m not sure that any words can take care of that situation. I think that the tendency is to not want to learn. Towards willful ignorance, if I ignore it then it’s not going to happen to me and it is also this tendency to instead of buckle down and see it through to throw caution to the wind because we’re not used to being cautious, we’re not used to being disciplined, we’re used to getting our way all the time or the greater good of all and so it’s a very difficult situation but I would just say try to at least keep yourself safe.

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Welcome to Katia’s Buzz Dharma Talks – Remote Interviews
with Lama Karma Chotso providing a Buddhist approach to cope with Coronavirus Covid-19 anxiety and fear.

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